ZWARE VISION is a suite of contextual overlay software that delivers two big business benefits: -

1.0 Increase customer satisfaction and builds customer loyalty.
Increase efficiency and reduce costs.

2.0 Develop a digital strategy that focuses and drives completive advantage.
Build an online brand that resonates with your target markets.

Principals: -

Easy to integrate

ZWARE VISON is a contextual software suite that operates as an overlay on your current systems to enhance your current processes and empower both your team and customers.
You do not need to retrain your staff, or change your systems saving time and money.

Easy to use

It operates using familiar interfaces – Microsoft office, Google search and Wikepedia tools. Iconic Apps allows intuitive navigation.
You do not have to learn new skills so you can benefit faster.


ZWARE VISION is built on the work standard Internet platform (LAMP stack) and integrates with Microsoft internal systems.
Constantly benefiting from open source development from the market leaders in software development keeps you at the forefront of customer’s expectations.

Future proof

It's modular so will grow with you, future proofing your processes.
You use only the modules you need. New modules can be added at any time. The system will grow and change with you as the market demands grows and change so you do not have to.

Brand focused

ZWARE VISION can be fully customise to carry your brand.
The customer facing styling system adopts your brand personality and visual standards.
If your brand changes so can the face of the system.
Your team and customers are constantly reminded of your brand proposition.

Supports agile working

24/7 authorised secure access worldwide.
Presents information in any language and can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere, via the web, at different levels of authorisation.


Collects data from all the different sources, provides a one to many input source, converts the data into meaningful information and helps you work proactively.
Frees up personnel to do the important tasks.

Cost effective

ZWARE VISION removes the cost of capital purchases and allows businesses to increase income and efficiencies over and above the monthly licence rental.
Instant and constant ROI.


Built from the ground up for midsize and growing businesses, those wishing to become a customer oriented enterprise or are in a transformation programme.
A catalyst for sticky strategic transformation.

Rational: -

See greater customer satisfaction

The amount of information available in the digital age is huge.

Now you can make it easy for your customers (and staff) by putting all the information about your products and services in one place, organise it in a way that helps decision making and create a method to help them find it, use it and benefit from it quickly and easily. Your customers will remain loyal and will love you forever.

See increased efficiency

Empower your team by letting them see the complete picture of your customers and prospects, their needs and wants and when they are likely to need your products and services, at the same time remove the administrative hassle and they will have more time to use their skills effectively.

Deliver the vision

Create an online competitive differentiated proposition for your products and services, focused on your customer needs, and you will transform the organisational efficiency, waste less time and resources as all of your departments will be working together as one and the net result will be increased sales

Your digital strategy

ZWARE VISION’S intelligent and visionary software allows you for the first time to take all your company’s accumulated knowledge harness and use it to maximum effect, all your departments can work together from one source of knowledge.

This will enable you to become a significantly more customer focused and customer-oriented enterprise. It brings together the three key elements to a successful digital strategy:

People, products and transactions.


has three compatible and distinctive software suites;

Our three-part software suite GOOROO, WIZDOM AND PROPHIT have all their own distinct objectives and each adds layers of intelligence growing the benefits to your company and customers. ZWARE VISON software gives you the tools to achieve your business objectives.


GOOROO is intelligent software that enables you to automatically compile all of your customer and product portfolio data sources and utilise for maximum benefit to your business. It takes all customer profile and product information from all your departments and brings it together into a single knowledge base repository in real time. From this one point, all of your departments can access this customer profile enriched data for both intranet and extranet.


WIZDOM is your “digital salesman”. It assembles intelligently all the information and intellectual knowledge a customer would want to know to make a purchase.

WIZDOM enables customer interaction via the web 24/7 in any language; with the options for secure verified interaction, payment including processing and e-commerce as required. This software facilitates a higher level of customer service, dramatically improving customer satisfaction.


PROPHIT is intelligent and visionary software that allows you to predict customer behaviour. It reacts quicker to market changes, giving you real customer insight. PROPHIT allows you to work proactively, driving sales through one to one marketing, transpromotional marketing via e-mail, SMS or post.


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