Business grow faster with RAIN – 40% faster

RAIN is a dynamic, open strategic workshop dedicated to transforming and focusing an organisations customer approach.  Short for Rapid Innovation, RAIN leads companies to focus and deliver sustainable new business communication models 40%*faster than traditional methods.

By isolating and organising the key points in the customer decision journey, RAIN has the capacity to expand the reach of the enterprise by enabling services to define and transform relationships and, in so doing, expand the scope of what web application technology can make possible.  In short, by focusing on the customer’s key decision points, RAIN reduces the clutter, delivering only the essential, and by doing so, reduces waste and increases ROI.  A true win-win.

Clients will receive a clear road map outlining the main issues in their customers journey beginning at their current situation, the limitations imposed by their current infrastructure; ZWARE VISION software solutions, and timescales for implementation.

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*Source Capgemini