Built on the world standard platform for web servers using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP and based on open source Zend and Smarty software, the ZWARE Business Framework supports a VISION software library and a series of application modules, which can be tailored to specific business, and market needs.

The iconic navigation, together with CSS styling allows complete brand presentation so your company's styling and creative approach can be represented at the customer interface.

Navigation and content templates are specific to each business allowing complete flexibility to suit the company or market.

Vertical and horizontal application modules, together with the bespoke tailoring means that each programme is specific to that company's needs which allows the business to adapt the content to maximise their marketing goals.

Programmable connectors ensure compete security of data. The site is completely search engine compatible and carries Google stats as well as specific requirements

PHP is the most popular dynamic language and used to build more websites than any other language. It also provides the link to Microsoft windows. PHP on Windows has access to Windows native API calls and COM objects like Microsoft Office tool suite.

Even if a company has both a CRM and ERP system employed, unless they are closely coupled the duplication of effort leads to lost productivity.

ZWARE VISION CMS has been built from the ground up to run in parallel to the software applications typically run by dynamic businesses. These include accountancy, database, messaging and office systems.

This overlay software suite provides an efficient, fully integrated management tool that fully encapsulates the company’s business processes. It provides an affordable solution to developing brand and customer loyalty online.

This is the ZWARE business framework – VISION.